15 December 2014

follow url BAK AmsterdamBAK is one of those wandering pop-up restaurants that has finally settled in a permanent spot next to the scenic IJ. On a rainy day, the family and I dropped by to have a lovely 4-course meal here. We started with a light appetizer of watermelon in a foam of feta. But my absolute favorite was our starter: a courgette carpaccio with a heavenly mouse and beautiful little flowers that not only looked amazing but also added a bit of spice to the subtle flavors. Nom nom nom. Next was an amazing soy and mirin marinated bit of eggplant. Hmmmmmmmmm. I’m so gonna rip that recipe one of these days! Unfortunately we weren’t to impressed with our main, which was monkfish with wild spinach iand a creamy sauce. The fish was well seasoned but a bit to tough for my liking. I ended up cutting and discarding at least half of it. Such a shame.
Our dessert was a simple crumble with lovely red fruit ice cream. A nice note to end a (mostly) lovely diner.

see Go visit BAK  yourself and try their weekly changing 4,5 or 6 course menu while gazing at the beautiful harbour. source BAK
Van Diemenstraat 408, Amsterdam
Tel: 020-7372553

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