12 December 2014

cialis 5 mg generico preço The Fake Asian headed to Frankfurt. Not exactly by choice but if the boss says he’s sending me to Frankfurt, who am I to complain ;)

follow The trip was fun but also very tiresome. Obviously I went there for work so we were stuck in our training location all day, absorbing all the knowledge our trainers were throwing at us. As soon as we’d finish we’d rush out to get into the city center and venture around town. It being December clearly we had to walk about the Christmas market where we drank lots of glühwein and devoured huge flame grilled sausages. But I was a girl on a mission, so we went to one of the Apfelwein restaurants to get some proper Frankfurter grub. My must try’s were handkäse mit musik, grüne sosse, apfelwein and of course some beer!

acquistare vardenafil senza ricetta Puglia We went to Apfelwein Klaus where many foreigners had gathered in a charming cellar to munch on “authentic” Frankfurter speise. It was interesting. The handkäse mit musik (hand cheese with music) looked absolutely unappetizing, sort of like melted candles with chopped onions and caraway seeds on top but it tasted ok. The texture was quite dense and the cheese had a fairly bland taste which was followed by a pungent sharpness. The flavors really did complement each other and I’m not sure why but the more I ate the cheese the more I appreciated the apfelwein which at first just tasted like someone mixed apple juice with some water and left it out to fizz for a few days. Now if you’re wondering where the music is, it’s a supposed inside joke to say the music comes after, referring to the gas that the onions give you ; D

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here I was very interested in this grüne sosse (green sauce), a creamy sauce made with fresh herbs. I’ve been told it’s very good with hardboiled potatoes and eggs, but a girl can only eat so much, so I had the Frankfurter schnitzel which is quite frankly a schnitzel with grüne sosse. The schnitzel was massive and hardly fit on my plate. The green sauce was served separately and to my surprise it was cold, which now that I think about it makes sense since it’s chock full of sour cream. If you’d like to give it a try this is the recipe as described on their menu.

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see url After having eaten way to much meat for my liking I was so happy to sink my teeth in a delicious vegetarian flammkuchen! I had never seen or tried one before, but according to my sister they’re very hot and happening right now. Regardless they’re yumm! Somewhere in between tin crusted pizza and quiche or maybe even non-Indian-nan bread (if that even exists). Very tin and light topped with crème fraîche, onions and some other veg’s. I’ve been told the traditional version is topped with bacon, but my veggie version was very much delicious.

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Of course I had to get me some sweets as well so I spoiled myself at the Lebkuche Schmidt. Technically this is not a Frankfurter specialty, cause they specialize in Nuernberger Lebkuche but who cares, their lebkuchen are delicious! Chewy, sweet and full of almonds. Hmmmm. Oh, did I mention they deliver to many different countries.

And that my friends is how I ended my trip to Frankfurt. Next trip… hmmm maybe London…

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