1 December 2014

quanto costa il levitra generico 20 mg in italia Being back in Amsterdam means I get to rekindle with all my friends again. And it’s so nice to have friends that share my love for food! So there we were, two fatties having lunch at Ron Gastrobar whilst chatting and enjoying a lovely cava. I wish all my days could be like this… Sigh.

lasix and acetaminophen side effects I tried the foie gras which came served in a big ass martini glass. Although delicious, good texture & good flavors, it was a bit much. I mean, I love me some foie gras but with moderation please. As my main I had the kobe burger with patats bravas. But it would have been better to omit the ‘s’ cause there was no plural happening here. I got one measly bit of fried potato. I won’t deny it was yummy but I was really looking forward to a bit more. Literally.
Ron GastrobarAs dessert I had the lovely chocolate souflé but I’ve been told the surprise egg is amazing. A great reason to come back and try that next time. So please don’t be thrown off by my bitching, we had a lovely lunch and were very well looked after by their friendly staff.

get link order viagra online Ron Gastrobar
Sophialaan 55, Amsterdam
Tel: 020-4961943

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