9 January 2015

banana milkshakeWhen I was a little girl, I had a subscription to Taptoe, a magazine for the youngsters. I loved that magazine and I read it cover to cover and all over again. They also had a section with recipes. Some of them were really nice. Quite honestly I’m stil devestated I lost their chocolate cake recipe. It was soooo good!

I used to think this recipe was one from Taptoe as well, but then I actually found the original and it’s not even close hihihi. Niws it’s a childhood favorite. A recipe for a REAL milkshake. And by that I mean the main ingredient is really milk and banana of course. So no ice cream, no added sugar, no nothing just milk.

This is again a great recipe for some old and forgotten bananas, but it works just as well with some fresh and perky nana’s. I also love that you can easily make a single serving just for you. I sometimes use it as a quick breakfast cause it’s quite filling and very tasty too.

TIP: over time I’ve come to prefer making it with a stick blender rather than a regular blender because it reduces the chances of chunky bits.

Ingredients (serves 1)
1 banana (sliced, cubed, mashed whatever fits your mood)
150 ml milk
pinch of cinnamon

Place banana, milk and cinnamon in a measuring cup/container.
Let your stick blender get all crazy up in that nana.
Slurp it away.
bananas and cinnammon

*** How to make it vegan***
Simply substitute with your choice of vegetable based milk soy/almond/coconut/rice/peanut etc.and enjoy!

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