I could never eat my cat

5 January 2015

prezzo levitra originale 20 mg My cat is sick and no one knows what’s wrong with him. It all started three months ago when his skin started to peel like a snake. Finger size pieces literally flaked off, leaving the hair in place. This soon evolved into the spreading of an all-consuming dandruff. Next hard patches of skin emerged, making him look and feel like a raggedy old fur coat. And finally whole patches of fur, with dry flaky skin attached to it, fell off. My baby is literally falling apart at the seams.

farmacia online viagra generico a Torino We’ve seen just about every specialist possible, dermatologist, radiologist and internist. At some point they were convinced Pluisje (yes, that is his name) had cancer on his thymus. This is such a rare diagnosis, so they were all very happy and interested. I was also happy and interested because this was not only the first real diagnosis they had come up with, it was also something that could quite possibly be cured.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=comprare-viagra-200-mg-online-generico-a-Torino But soon the echography would reveal this was not the case. It became clear even if we were to allow the doctors to dissect and cut him up, chances were slim for them to actually come up with a diagnosis and even slimmer for them to be able to cure his ailment. So basically my cat was dying and I didn’t know what of. We could continue prodding and searching but then he’d still be dying but maybe, just maybe we’d know why.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=miglior-sito-per-acquistare-viagra-generico-50-mg-spedizione-veloce The doctors were convinced he had some kind of cancer but had no idea where. They told me “It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack”. That’s when I simply gave up and surrendered to my grieve. We discussed euthanasia and they gave him some steroids to lessen his suffering. By now my cat looked horrible; half his body was hairless and very gruesomely looking. He had lost a lot of weight and smelled of illness and decay.

http://rebeccalutz.com/?search=levitra-prescription But somehow he bounced back from being gloomy and secluded to active and excessively hungry. When I came back from Frankfurt he was even strutting some new hair grow. So hope blossomed and we are still unable to say goodbye.

side effects of accutane But that is not what I really wanted to talk about. You see, I have been struggling with my desire to not eat any meat/animal for years. Over time I’ve sort of settled for eating as little meat/animal as possible. The problem is my, wish to refrain from eating meat is purely ideological. It is not that I don’t like the taste of it; in fact I very much do so. But it is a simple notion a Hare Krishna once handed me: “It is not necessary to take the life of another living being to nurture your body”.

lasix 12.5 mg The simplicity of it startled me to my core. And ever since the day that I engaged in a thirty minute conversation in the middle of the Kalverstraat with this Dutch Hare Krishna, I’ve been struggling. I feel blessed for the time I get to spend with my cat. And my heart is filled with love and tenderness when he lies in my lap and curls up to sleep. I can sense his complete trusting comfortableness and I could never ever consider eating him.

source So as I share strips of Christmas ham with him I wonder how come I enjoy this succulent leg of pig so much. Why don’t I feel any sense of remorse for consuming its flesh? I feel shame yes, shame for not sticking to my resolve. Shame for my lack of remorse. But I don’t feel any shame for the actual devouring of the pig.

20mg generic levitra super active order buy online Please share your thoughts with me as there is no conclusion to this story or my struggling.

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