8 October 2015

click Open your eyesThere’s this documentary Life in a day that captures glimpses of a day in life of regular folks like you and me. 24th of July 2010 to be exact. It takes you on a journey from mundane to light and bubbly to dark and crushing, not necessarily in that order. The final scene, like several other scenes, is stunning! (If you must, you can skip to 1:29:12 for just this scene). The day is almost over and this girl gets in her car to record her message. She says: “I spent all day long hoping for something amazing to happen, something great. Something to appreciate this day and to be a part of it. And to show the world that there’s something great that can happen every day of your life, in everyone’s life. But the truth is it doesn’t always happen. (…)
I’m not gonna sit here and tell you I’m this great person, because I don’t think I am. At all. I think I’m a normal girl, normal life, not interesting enough to know anything about. But I want to be.
And today, even though, even though nothing great really happened. Tonight, I feel as if something great happened.

go here It’s true, on most days nothing great happens. Life continues on it’s course and before you know it a day has passed, the week is over, another month flown by. But a day not appreciated is a day not lived. So open your eyes to the world around you. Find something remarkable in your day. Birds chirping in the morning, the sun on your skin, wind in your hair, returning home to your loved ones, the smell of your little one as you kiss them goodnight. To truly feel that you’re alive you should treasure these moments. After all what is life but a continuous string of impressions turned into moments turned into memories. Life’s too short to miss out, simply because you weren’t paying attention.

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