KAIKO- best sushi in Amsterdam

26 October 2016

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enter site Kaiko is my favorite sushi restaurant in Amsterdam! It’s one of those rare establishments that doesn’t have a website simply because it doesn’t need it. For one it’s been around forever and well known in the Japanese community and with local sushi lovers as well. Secondly their food is amazing so anyone with working taste buds and a love for traditional sushi will come back. Thirdly you can fill your tummy with A-class sushi from a real Japanese sushi chef that’s been doing this forever without breaking the bank.

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follow url What to expect? A simple Japanese style mom and pops place with some mandatory bamboo touches. You can sit at the sushi bar and watch the chef rock his skills, or take a seat in on of the “boots”. Order à la carte or go with a set-menu. But to experience Kaiko at it’s best, the set-menu’s are the way to go. On a greedy day I even did a set-menu and some side orders. It’s possible… but make sure your diner mate brings his wheel and barrow so he can roll you out ’cause you’ll be stuffed beyond comprehension.

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http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=farmacia-viagra-generico-100-mg-a-Venezia I have yet to eat anything here that I don’t love. Sometimes my friend and I just space out in our own little mouthgasm. That’s how good it is. But enough talk, this place is about enjoying fresh quality food and there’s only one way to proof that: by having you salivating at my pictures ;)

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http://arielagroup.com/?search=us-cialis I sooo love this place that I even considered not blogging about it just to keep it all to myself. In the end I realized I was being overly dramatic and also very unrealistic since this place is always packed. Yes, you can forget on walking in on the weekends in hope of a spot. Book ahead, like two weeks ahead… at least!

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cheapest generic propecia Some of you might think this place is not as budget friendly as I described. That depends on what you’re expecting. This is q u a l i t y sushi. I mean the chef of Okura’s Yamazato, my second prime sushi spot in Amsterdam, dines here. Now that is saying something! Keep in mind that this is not one of those fake all you can eat sushi places where you pay a supposed cheap fare to stuff your face with sushi that resembles more assembly line snack bar produce than actual sushi. And than compare it to the amazing food you just had at Kaiko. Seems like a bargain now doesn’t it…

http://handi-crafters.org/?search=levitra-affects-in-women Now don’t let my little rant spoil you’re fun. Go, eat, take pleasure in your meal and make sure not to tell your friends so it can stay our little secret.

http://whenwaterwaseverywhere.com/?x=viagra-sales Kaiko
Jekerstraat 114
1078 MJ Amsterdam
Tel: 020-6625641

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