• Oven roasted pumpkin salad


    Remember that butternut squash you roasted to make my Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies? I know you didn’t use all of the squash, unless you went cray cray and quadrupled the recipe. I can understand if you…

    13 December 2016
  • Pumpkin cheesecake brownies


    I’ll admit it, I have a bit of a pumpkin addiction. When fall season hits I’m always buying pumpkins. Even when I already have a ton at home. The other day me and mom…

    2 December 2016
  • Kaiko

    KAIKO- best sushi in Amsterdam

    Kaiko is my favorite sushi restaurant in Amsterdam! It’s one of those rare establishments that doesn’t have a website simply because it doesn’t need it. For one it’s been around forever and well known…

    26 October 2016
  • DIY kattenmand

    DIY Kattenmand

      Jaaaa nog een DIY voor de kleine Tofu! Zij moet natuurlijk ook ergens knus kunnen liggen want de bank is mijn plekje and I’m not sharing. LOL. Dus ik wilde deze mooie rijstmand…

    20 October 2016
  • DIY krabplank

    DIY Krabplank

    Mijn huis is petite en hoewel ik graag heb dat mijn kleine pluizebolletje Tofu hier net zo fijn woont als ik, wil ik niet dat het zo een kattenhuis wordt. Ook houd ik niet…

    8 October 2016
  • kitten

    TOFU – say hello to my little friend

    Fijne dierendag allemaal! De perfecte gelegenheid om te vertellen dat ik een nieuwe bb heb! Na lang twijfelen of ik de verantwoordelijkheid van een nieuwe roomie wel wilde aangaan, ging ik toch overstag. En…

    4 October 2016
  • Mushrooms on toast

    MUSHROOMS ON TOAST – an easy vegan meal

    Hmmm so love these mushrooms on toast. This is such an easy but super tasty vegan meal. It’s my go to for a lazy Sunday breakie but sometimes I’ll have it for lunch as…

    1 October 2016
  • Vegan banana ice cream


    I heard a lot about vegan banana ice cream so of course I wanted to give it a try. I cannot deny it is an incredibly easy, super tasty vegan dessert. Technically it’s super…

    16 September 2016
  • St. Peters Cathedral Vienna

    48 HOURS IN VIENNA – a city trip

    I’ve been wanting to head over to Vienna for quite a while now but for some reason I just kept postponing it. Until recently that is! Yes, I had a full 48 hours for…

    2 September 2016
  • Májiàng liángpí

    COLD SUMMER NOODLES – Májiàng liángpí

    During my time in Bejing I loved eating májiàng liángpí (麻酱凉皮)! As soon as the summer sun started spreading it’s warmth the street vendors hit the streets to offer some refreshments to the melting…

    18 August 2016