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  • Májiàng liángpí

    COLD SUMMER NOODLES – Májiàng liángpí

    During my time in Bejing I loved eating májiàng liángpí (麻酱凉皮)! As soon as the summer sun started spreading it’s warmth the street vendors hit the streets to offer some refreshments to the melting…

    18 August 2016
  • ORIENTAL CITY – best dim sum in Amsterdam

    Oriental City a.k.a 747 is my go to spot for dim sum in Amsterdam. It’s a definite eat, drink and get out spot where both tourists and locals flock to to get their fix…

    20 July 2016
  • Sweet Red Bean Soup


    I’m a sucker for Chinese dessert soups. My all time favorite is sai mai lo (西米露) a pearly coconut milk soup, very similar to Vietnamese chè . I also really like tang yuan (汤圆),…

    19 February 2015