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  • Kaiko

    KAIKO- best sushi in Amsterdam

    Kaiko is my favorite sushi restaurant in Amsterdam! It’s one of those rare establishments that doesn’t have a website simply because it doesn’t need it. For one it’s been around forever and well known…

    26 October 2016
  • Kenchinjiru

    KENCHINJIRU – comfort in a bowl

    I’m a big fan of Makiko Itoh, the genius behind Just Hungry and Just Bento. She has amazing recipes for well known Japanese classics but also for simple dishes you don’t come across outside…

    2 May 2015
  • Tamagoyaki

    TAMAGOYAKI – Japanese omelette

    Tamagoyaki or Japanese style egg omelette is a dish that is both super simple and super difficult to make. When you brake it down it’s just rolled up egg but getting it to this…

    28 April 2015
  • IZAKAYA – Amsterdam

    So the sis and I got to spoil ourselves at Izakaya. And boy oh boy did we get spoiled! We tried all kinds of lovely dishes, which in line with the izakaya tradition were…

    7 November 2014